6 Tips to Boost Your Website Landing Pages

Ever see a great TV show, bet you’re anxious to see it again.

What’s their secret?

They build an audience…

How far do your visitors have to scroll to get the point?

What’s above the fold on your landing page? (The part of a web page your visitor sees before scrolling).

Your strongest message should always be above the fold.

The whole idea of the fold was taken from the offline world of newspapers. Since we’re on the topic of newspapers; ever notice how the strongest headline is at the front of the newspaper and it’s clearly visible…

Yes, the strongest story is always right up front calling to us. Read all about it. Can’t afford to miss that great story now, can we.

Graphics that load well

I remember reading this blog and I saw a great comment that another reader had posted, it connected with me, so I thought I would like to see who this person was and what they’re about.

So I clicked on their link, I must have waited a few minutes for the page to load; it felt like forever; eventually I just got tired and gave up.

My point; don’t use graphics that take “forever” to load.

A clearly visible opt in box

You’ve done a great job of delivering information that your visitors want: might as well make it easy for your visitors to take the next step. Place your opt-in box in plain sight; matter of fact your whole page should support your opt-in box. Your graphics, your content; should be like an invisible arrow pointing to your opt-in box.

It should be as long as necessary and not longer

I always get a little nervous when I see lengthy content, it’s almost like a message goes to my brain that says; “OK brace for hard work.” Sometimes you get the feeling as if you’re; “sifting through a massive ball of tangled thread just to find what you want.”

If you have a lot of facts that need explaining; video is always a good thing. It beats reading content online; and it’s easier on your visitors especially when it is lengthy information, extremely lengthy content can be intimidating.

With that said though there is nothing wrong with a long web page that’s full of value, and delivers; but lengthy content needs to serve its purpose; otherwise what’s the point?

Is your content do-able or just information

Is the content on your landing page a good read or is it useful information? Why just provide information? When you could – - provide something that people want, no – - need to use – - if they are to get what they want. Something that people want is always in high demand and the reverse is that… well does it matter; you want to be in high demand right.

Test, track and test some more

Track the performance of split versions of your landing pages t see which versions perform the best, and what features when changed converts the most visitors. This is the best way to know what works and what doesn’t. This will give you great insight, and you’ll improve and strengthen your relationship with your visitors.

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