Improving Your Website Visibility Through Search Engine Indexing

How to get your website indexed by top search engines?

Creating a website is far more a straightforward task and easier compared to making it appear on the search engines. So while designing and developing your website we need to keep in mind that the website that we are designing should be appealing to the end user as well as it is following certain quality standards so that it will get noticed by the search engine algorithm and will get indexed within a short span of time. Here I am sharing some essential guidelines that we can follow to make our website indexed by search engines like Google, bing etc.

Create an HTML sitemap. HTML sitemap lists all the internal links of your website. This sitemap will make it easier for visitors to navigate through your web pages and it also helps the web spiders to track these links.
Create an XML Sitemap of your website and upload it. All the links in your websites are included in this XML Sitemap. In order to submit it to Google search engine for indexing it use a Google webmaster account associated to your website and upload the XM Sitemap using the webmaster tools available. Website with an XML sitemap gets a positive response and it will help to index every webpage of your website.
Creating high-quality links to your website in various authentic directory listings. When you create these links make sure that you are creating the links of your websites in the appropriate category listed in these directories. The search engine spiders will mark these links as they crawl through these web directory pages. Some of the most important directory listings are DMOZ, Yahoo Directory etc. Submitting your website links to these popular directories will increase the traffic to your website as well as it will help your web business to get noticed by the search engines.
Another procedure to improve your online business is via Article marketing. Write down articles about your online business, the products / services that you offer and its benefits to the end users and submit these articles to article directories. You should include your website domain name in the resource box of the directory. So when your articles are published and when it is available online on these directories your website domain name will also be listed alongside the article and the search engine spiders can track these links.
Making use of the Social networking tools is yet another method for improving your website visibility on search engines.
The bottom-line is that providing useful and informative content to your visitor will help you to improve traffic to your website and will help you to get your website indexed swiftly and will provide a good Search engine result page position.

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